Tiny Homes as an Affordable Option

In this day and age, the average cost of real estate is constantly on the rise. It is becoming harder and harder for people to purchase homes and more people are turning to renting apartments or condos because they are a more affordable option. Even though they would prefer to own their own home, it is simply not an option these days.

Luckily – a new type of home has come on the market recently. Tiny homes are basically micro-sized houses that cost a fraction of what a normal sized home would cost. Even though they are “tiny,” they are built for function and include everything a normal-sized house would have just in a different way. Loft beds and fold out furniture are common in tiny homes so that you can temporarily fold up beds, desks, or tables to make room for company if you have people over.

Tiny Houses Are On The Rise

Tiny houses are becoming more and more popular and are the new craze with new and homeowners who are looking to downsize. Every year more and more people are downsizing their homes to a lifestyle that is more affordable. These modern affordable living houses provide all the essentials needed for everyday living such as a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Some of the top tiny homes also manage to include a small living room with television and loveseat. This simplistic form of living can free the mind of all the necessities from owning a large sized home.

Average Cost of Tiny Homes

  • Afraid of the large cost with purchasing a typical home? Tiny houses range in price from as low as ten thousand to an average of thirty to forty thousand dollars making it a much more cost-effective living style. Electricity cost is often minimal and it makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Worried about being tied down to one specific place? Most of these tiny homes are also easily transportable so moving from one location of the United States to another just needs a truck and simple electrical and plumbing hookups when you get to where you’re going.
Tiny homes are a great and functional way to downsize. Learn more today about tiny homes.

Seniors Are Now Choosing Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular with senior citizens. In some cases, the elderly can’t maintain their own homes because they are too large or have stairs that don’t accommodate their physical abilities anymore. The only option is to move in with a family member or to go to an assisted living or senior-centered apartment complex or living facility.

With tiny homes now available, you can place a tiny home in the backyard of a family member or on a small plot of land that you can afford. Tiny homes are not only incredibly affordable but they very mobile as well. Because they take up so little space, you can place the homes anywhere. Some even come on wheels so that you can move locations from time to time.

The Growing Popularity of Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are not only popular with seniors. They are becoming more and more popular for people of all ages. Twenty-something year olds who are right out of college are finding that after a couple of years at their first job, they can afford a tiny home. Families who have multiple children are realizing that they can save a lot of money by moving into a tiny home, which leaves extra money for family travel, college tuitions, and much more.