Starting a Workout Program from Home

Are you thinking of creating a workout program from home but are not sure where to begin? The good news is you will need very little to get started apart from a little bit of space and some comfy clothes.

You can begin with some calisthenics that bolster strength using your own weight for resistance, along with some cardio for heart health and endurance, all of which can be achieved without buying any equipment. If you have a small space to exercise than you already have all you need. 

Due to the pandemic and gym closures, there has been an increase of people working out from home. For months folks have worked out in their living spaces, yards and neighborhood common grounds. They have synched their workouts with friends and family, adding creativity and fun to their sessions. It seems saving money on gym memberships is just the cherry on top as experts expect the home workout trend to continue. Read on to learn how to prepare and benefit from this convenient trend.

 Inexpensive Workout Extras

  • Floor mat/yoga mat- A foam mat is not necessary, but it is helpful for both comfort and support. When doing floor exercises it is good to give your knees and spine some cushioning between you and the floor.

  • Jump rope- Jump ropes are good for aerobic exercise when jumping for over 20 minutes.

  • Resistance training aids- There are many simple hacks at home for resistance training using common household items, including: books, milk jugs filled with water, backpacks containing books as weights, or even a bag of potatoes. Some inexpensive items you could buy to provide resistance, includes: resistance bands, sliders, free weights and even water, if you have access to a pool.

  • Kettle bell weights- Sold in varying weights to build strength and mass. These weights are used exactly as your free weights but are designed for increased power and speed. Kettle weights are inexpensive and can also be found second hand.

  • Medicine ball- These balls are weighted with gel and are usually the size of a basketball. They are used for core strengthening and also help with balance.

  • Aerobic classes- Workout classes are great for cardio whether you join a class online, find a video on the internet or watch an old workout DVD you have lying around the house.

  • A used stationary bike- Exercise bikes are low impact cardio machines that you can use anywhere, inside or outside your home.

  • A used stair stepper- Working out on a stair stepper is a good way to work out your calves and lower body, but climbing your home stairs or performing strengthening exercises on individual steps (such as lunges) can also be good exercise.

  • A used treadmill- A treadmill is used for walking or jogging in place. You can set a treadmill up anywhere you would like especially as an all weather device when exercising outside is not an option.

The Benefits of Working Out at Home

  • Convenience- Home workouts offer you flexibility because you can workout according to your own schedule, day or night. You will also save the time and energy you would normally spend traveling to/from the gym. Studies show that when the stressful scheduling of time is not an issue, people are more likely to stick to a workout regimen.

  • Comfort- Working out at home gives you the freedom to workout wearing what ever you want at any temperature that makes you comfortable. You can also play the music you prefer (as loud as you would like), without wearing headphones or bothering others.

  • Privacy- If you like to workout first thing in the morning and do not want to worry about how you look while exercising, the home workout is for you. You will also save the energy normally expended on small talk and exchanging pleasantries.

  • No Outside Germs- The cleanliness of your workout environment is up to you. There will not be any strangers bringing outside germs that you may come in contact with you or brought back to your family.

  • Budget- You will no longer have to pay that annual gym membership or other fees associated with utilizing a gym. And no more having to purchase marked up waters or smoothies, as you will be working out in close proximity to your own kitchen. Not to mention the added ease of budgeting your time.

  • Consistency- You will be able to work at your own pace and never have to wait for a workout machine again. Any equipment you choose to use for your workout will be available to you whenever and however long you need it. No waiting means you will keep your momentum and have consistent workouts.

  • Commitment- It is easier to stick to a routine when the routine is fixed and you know what to expect. You should remove any uncertainties from your workout as stress and planning can interfere with your dedication.