Find Pro Bono Attorneys Near You

Legal aid services may be inaccessible and costly for many. That is where pro bono attorneys come in. Pro bono attorneys are no cost lawyers, which means that a person who needs free legal aid can be represented by them without any fees. Pro bono attorneys can be found near you. Full legal services may be provided, as well as 24/7 help. Learn more below.

What Cases Do Pro Bono Lawyers Handle?

Pro bono attorneys handle cases chosen by their firm or cases that they privately accept. These cases can be civil, criminal, domestic, DUI cases, property disputes, class action cases, contract disputes, and others. The free legal aid offered by pro bono attorneys mostly depends on what the lawyer specializes in, and not the type of case brought forward. Pro bono DUI lawyers, for example, would suit DUI cases more.

Pro bono DUI lawyers are rare. The most likely reason for pro bono DUI lawyers to take a case is if there is enough evidence to file a civil suit, mostly when evidence of mistreatment by the arresting officer is irrefutable. Other no-cost lawyers may accept the case as well, but this will depend on your case and their approval to provide free legal aid for a DUI case.

Find a Pro Bono Lawyer Instantly

When approaching pro bono attorneys, is it important to know what questions you want to ask them. Ask them what they think about your case. Asking pro bono attorneys if they have worked a similar case before gives you great insight; thus, making a decision becomes easier. When seeking free legal aid, ask what their options are and if there will be any unforeseen costs as well, such as court fees that may not be covered by pro bono attorneys. There are many resources that help locating pro bono services near you instantly!

An important question to ask yourself, is how long it will take to resolve your case with pro bono attorneys. No cost lawyers are important in the provision of free legal aid though they might not prioritize your case. Note that no cost lawyers do not usually work on an emergency basis. Additionally, ask your attorney about confidentiality. There are many questions you need to ask, hence researching before meeting with pro bono attorneys is as important as if it were not a free legal aid situation.

What is the Process?

No cost lawyers begin the general process of a pro bono case by issuing an application containing basic information about you as the client and information about the case. Free legal aid usually has a long waiting list of applicants. Pro bono attorneys or their firm, vet the application to see if it meets the initial requirements. If so, you may be required to provide proof of this information and other factors that warrant you to free legal aid.

Once accepted, no cost lawyers schedule a meeting with you to go through the case. This is key in moving forward as no cost lawyers are volunteers in the free legal aid world. Your approval to free legal aid may be granted or denied. Access no cost lawyers by searching online or visiting a law firm or the courts near you.