Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators are the latest technological devices for users of oxygen therapy. Units of portable oxygen vary in size, weight, oxygen flow settings battery life, liters per minute, and different specifications.

These oxygen concentrators are similar to OC (oxygen concentrators), but more mobile and in small sizes. They have been approved by FAA for use in planes and air crafts. Clearly, the sky is the limit.

Development of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Union Carbide & Bendix Corporation were the first organizations to manufacture medical oxygen concentrators in the late 1970s. Initially, they were developed as a method of continuously providing patients with oxygen without using heavy oxygen tanks and frequent deliveries. In 2000, manufacturers developed better and improved versions of oxygen concentrators- portable ones. Now, POCs can produce between 1 to 6 liters of oxygen per minute, depending on the patient’s breathing rate. The latest models of continuous flow weigh between ten to twenty pounds, which is equivalent to 4.5 - 9.0 kgs.

Benefits of Portable Oxygen:

  • Lightweight: One frees him or herself from the burden of long tubing and heavy tanks. A portable oxygen concentrator is one of the senior medical products. When oxygen therapy is prescribed to a patient, sometimes they feel tethered in their homesteads because of antiquated machines. But with portable oxygen, the lifestyle remains the same.
  • Independence: People who use these senior medical products bid goodbye to tiresome tanks and refills. One does not have to worry about his oxygen delivery nor refills. He should switch to AC power when he is at home, DC power when driving and to battery power for real freedom.
  • Mobility: One can move easily and freely with these devices. As a matter of fact, most Portable Oxygen Concentrators encourage an active lifestyle, and they provide greater mobility. They are lightweight, small, and portable.
  • Great Physical Well Being: There is no doubt that using portable oxygen results to a healthier and a happier version of yourself. Research done by medical practitioners in the United States shows that it is important for oxygen therapy patients to be highly active and comply with the therapy. The senior medical products enhance longer and better lives.

The right oxygen equipment is almost as important as oxygen itself. Before buying one, you should consider if you can work with it, travel, exercise, and still be as social as you were before. Oxygen concentrators allow you to enjoy participating in different activities with fewer restrictions. Also, they increase every day’s activities, and they are safer to carry around.

How Does it Work?

It has a pressure swing adsorption just like a home concentrator. The setup of a POC includes a miniaturized air compressor, tubes, valves, pressure equalizing reservoir, and a cylinder filled with oxygen and it contains a sieve. The internal compressor forces air through a molecular sieve during the 1st half of the 1st cycle. Then pure oxygen goes in the pressure equalizing reservoir. The valves close and the air is delivered to the user.

Some of the Best Brands for Portable Oxygen

    Each of these companies is rated extremely well for having products at the top of their class. For more help choosing your next portable oxygen concentrator, consider reaching out to a live-chat specialist today and finding out about the new portable oxygen concentrators today.