IT Degrees

Information technology is the field that focuses on the management and use of computer technology. It is a very diverse field in which there are many different segments. Anyone who works in information technology will likely perform a number of tasks that include overseeing databases, managing networks, analyzing business computer operations, programming and developing websites.

As a result, information technology has a lot of very good career options to those who are interested in this field.

Education Required For a Career in IT

Like most other career fields, information technology requires certain education and training in order to obtain employment. Anyone interested in getting into the information technology field will either have to acquire certification, complete an associate degree, get a bachelor’s degree or earn a graduate level degree. They can get any one of these degrees from one of many information technology schools.

  • Most individuals who enter the information technology field acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science. This degree program focuses on learning about how computers work, developing software and learning about things such as data structures.

  • Another common type of bachelor’s degree is information systems which focuses on managing data in a business environment.

  • An associate degree in fields such as web development is also acquired for those who are more interested in building and managing websites and applications.

  • There are some people who get a master’s degree or it management degree in either computer science, information systems or business administration in order to attain top level executive managerial positions.
All of the degree programs require the completion of a certain amount of coursework over a span of two to six years.

Different Career Paths and Fields

There are a number of different career paths that you can pursue when completing it degree programs. Individuals can specialize in certain aspects of the field such as programming, systems analysis or database administration. With advanced education, they can become top level managers. With a variety of many different options available, information technology has a lot to offer to those who are looking to get into a lucrative in demand career.

  • Individuals can specialize in network administration which entails overseeing a network of computers and making sure that they are working properly. This job requires individuals to inspect each computer and the servers and troubleshoot them if they are not operating properly. They are also expected to fix any problems with the computer networks as well.

  • A database administrator is a position that entails overseeing the structure and security of databases. This occupation will require individuals to pay close attention to computer data and make sure that it is secure and never compromised. Similar to network administration, a database administrator will need to correct problems that occur with databases.

  • Another information technology career is systems analyst. This is a position in which an individual evaluates the business computing systems and resources of a company. They make recommendations on how a business can maximize the use of its technology as well as make improvements.

  • Programming is another popular field in information technology. This position entails writing code to help develop software and instruct a computer on what to do. It also includes fixing and debugging code that is not formatted properly as well testing the code.

These are the most common types of information technology jobs in the field. There are also other careers such as web development where you create websites and manage them. Other jobs such as IT manager and Chief Information/Technology Officer entail managing the entire information technology department for a company.