No Cost Rehab

Top rehab centers can provide 30, 60 and 90 day programs tailored to each individuals needs. Many accept insurance making it no out of pocket cost to you. Help is available 24/7.

When looking for an affordable rehab center in your area there are a few things to decide. Once you have decided to seek appropriate treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, you will need to choose a rehabilitation program that aligns with your needs and is something you can actually afford.

There are many different treatment options for these problems, such as outpatient or inpatient rehab, and 30, 60, or 90-day treatment programs. With so many options, how do you choose the best rehab center just for you? Here are some of the most important things to consider.

Types of Rehab Treatment Programs

Rehab programs are different based on where the treatment is given, the length of the treatment, and how structured the program is. Health care providers can accurately assess the condition you’re in at the time of your admittance and then help you decide which treatment setting will match your needs.

  • Outpatient treatment: This type of program is great for those who would prefer not to go to a hospital to stay for the duration of treatment. Outpatient treatment refers to programs where patients live in their own home and frequently go to a clinic or other facility for sessions guided by addiction treatment health care professionals.

  • Inpatient treatment: Patients going through inpatient rehab programs will stay in a hospital to receive intensive care that is extremely structured. They will go through a program that will be acutely focused on caring for an addiction and possibly other severe medical problems

  • Residential treatment: In this type of program, patients will be offered housing in an apartment-like building where they receive intensive care that is highly structured.

  • Recovery housing: This is the least structured rehab treatment program. Patients will live in a supervised, temporary housing, also similar to an apartment of sorts, where they are able to take part in treatment programs. However, the main goal of recovery housing is to remain sober, instead of getting sober. 

Questions to Ask

When researching top rehab centers around you, it’s important to also ask a lot of questions. One of the main questions at the top of your list should be what the difference is between 30, 60, or 90-day treatment programs. The length of your program could decide the effectiveness, so it’s important to see what a healthcare professional would recommend for your situation. Consider asking the following questions during your search for the best rehab treatment program.

  • How do you measure how much your patient has progressed? 

  • How do you decide if a particular treatment is proving effective?

  • What happens if/when a patient relapses during their treatment?

It’s extremely important to ask questions when comparing rehab programs in order to get a feel for what their quality of care is like, and also to make sure they are licensed or accredited. These requirements are set in place by state, however just because they’re licensed doesn't mean that their quality of care is exceptional or above average. This is why it’s important to ask questions and look for indicators of their quality of care. To find a rehab center near you, simply click here.

Finding Rehabs By Zip Code

When researching rehab facilities a helpful way is to search by zip code or your nearest location of interest whether it be near you home or further away. Reaching out to non-profits and government substance abuse entities like SAMHSA can provide additional resources.