Finding Helpful Divorce Lawyers: Find Quick Help Today

Choosing the right divorce lawyer for your unique situation will affect the course of your life. The outcome of your divorce proceedings can affect many aspects of you and your children’s lives. Making sure you invest the time in researching which divorce lawyer will do the best job for you is crucial.

One of the most important things to remember is that you take the time to research a lawyer who is not only good at their job but also has an outlook or personality that are compatible with yours. During your initial interview with a family attorney, it is important to ask whether or not they practice family law exclusively.

Questions to Ask

Additionally, as a follow up question, what percentage of their practice deals in family law? Always ask what the retainer for the service will be, what the hourly fee will cost, and if the retainer is refundable. You should know how often you will be billed and at what rates before you enter into a contract with a divorce lawyer. Keep in mind a divorce lawyer will only be able to provide an estimate on the information you provide, and on what terms you and your spouse are on in order to determine how much a divorce will cost.

Family attorneys are aware that circumstances change from case to case, and if your spouse buries your attorney in paperwork, then expect that your costs for your lawyer will increase. It’s important to understand that there are many variables as to why you may incur additional costs, and that your lawyer is not a pro bono family lawyer.

If your spouse has retained a prospective lawyer, it is always important to ask your potential lawyer whether they might have interacted with this specific lawyer in the past. It is imperative to ask if your prospective lawyer has worked with your spouse’s prospective lawyer before, and if they worked to settle the case, or if there is any reason that it will prevent your lawyer from working against your spouse’s particular lawyer?

Do Your Research

You would also want to make sure to ask how many of your potential lawyer’s cases have gone to trial, and keep in mind that you do not want a lawyer that goes to trial often. This will only cost you time, energy, and money during your divorce proceedings in the future. You are better off looking for a good divorce lawyer who can settle your divorce without a long and expensive trial.

However, it is understandable that not everyone is able to afford top divorce lawyers in their divorce cases. Should you not have the finances in order to obtain a divorce lawyer on your own, you can apply for legal aid. Legal services are available for people with very low income, and usually are obtained if a case involves domestic violence or child custody. If this is your situation, it’s worth researching where and how you can apply for legal aid in order to assist you in your divorce proceedings.

Things To Consider During the Process

Here are some things you should consider when looking to hire a divorce attorney:

  • Be reasonable. Going through a divorce is stressful for all parties involved. what's important to remember is to be realistic and reasonable with what you would like the outcome to be. The divorce attorney's main job is best represent you and how you wish your assets to be split between your spouse and/or any children involved. They are not your therapist, remain professional and realistic during this legal process.

  • Stay focused on the endgame. The goal is to get divorced - hire a mediator for you and your spouse if necessary. But keep your eye on the end goal of this legal process in order to get through it easier.

  • Know what you're wanting. Couples counseling or a professional mediator are other alternative options to hiring a divorce attorney. If compromise isn't possible without legal aid, it's then time to search for a divorce attorney.

  • Have options. Do your research and have a list of a few different divorce attorneys you could possibly use. This way, if you find you and your family are not liking your first option you can have other attorneys to fall back on.

  • Make sure to interview the attorney. As mentioned above, it's important to ask your attorney some questions in order for you to be sure they are capable to handle your case.
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