Find Christian Drug Rehabs

At some point in everyone's life, there is a question of who we really are and what our purpose may be. Whether you’re a younger person struggling to get by or an adult who may be responsible for another, addiction can affect anyone. If you've found yourself using them to try and be happier or notice that when you use them others seem judgmental, it's definitely time to take a closer look at your motivations.

Faith-Based Rehabs

Sober or not, self-reflection happens with key life moments. As humans, we don't really take the time to think about our actions unless there has been a severe problem or consequence because of them. Once something happens that we blame ourselves for, that's the time we look inside and ask ourselves why. Why did this happen? Why couldn't I have seen this would happen? Why me? Emotionally, self-reflection is very positive place to be. Once you get to this place, a relationship with Jesus could possibly help in addiction treatment because you won't feel all alone as you go through detox, therapy, and other personal challenges.

Christian Drug Rehab Centers

Rehab is a medical and informational course of treatment for anyone dependent upon alcohol or drugs. Usually, rehabilitation is offered as in-patient at a residential facility where you can live and have the necessary support around you to help you break the cycle of use you've been accustomed to. Living in a sober environment that offers individual and peer counseling gives users the tools they need to learn how to live without the substances they've otherwise needed to live day to day.

5 Reasons to Choose a Faith Based Rehab

There are many different kinds of rehabilitation programs available like community-based programs, halfway houses, and outpatient treatment facilities. A Christian drug rehab program, for example, gives those who identify as Christian (or anyone who is seeking a higher power to intervene in their life), strong support for the strength needed for change. Some reasons people choose Christian therapy or faith-based rehab are:

  • There is a sense of purpose to their sobriety
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Christian support for taking back control of your life
  • Like-minded peers
  • Intangible consequences

Faith based rehab is different than other traditional forms of rehab therapy because it shows addicts how their own well-being means more than taking care of the physical body. Christian therapy supplements the proven, traditional rehabilitation model and shows users how to use spiritual reflection to give their lives greater purpose.

Growing in spirituality and purpose gives addicts a sense of contentment. It is a voice inside that continues to encourage and point out the positives in their life instead of dwelling on which things could be better. Making new friends and family is another wonderful outcome for those in faith-based therapy programs. Removing the isolation from the way an addict has long felt is a special and life changing event. 

In some cases, rehab can be a free or minimal cost option. When selecting a rehab location be sure to confirm if insurance is accepted. Depending on the location and the insurance you have there is a good chance of not paying.