Advantages of Cable TV

Cable television is a technological system that cable providers use conveys programs to consumers through radio frequency signal transferred via either fiber optic cables or coaxial cables. The difference between cable TV and broadcast TV is that that for the former, signals are conveyed by radio waves through the air. The signals are then received by an antenna that is connected to the TV.


Unlike antenna and satellite, cable TV's service is stable and is not affected by climatic conditions such as rain or wind, thus it is one of the best entertainment options. The only time the cable TV will not work is if the TV or cable box is not working, or if there is no connection. Otherwise, there are more than a hundred channels that you can enjoy.


The best thing about cable TV is that you can always find a package that is worth your budget it is way cheaper than satellite service. Moreover, you can choose your favorite channels if you do not want to pay for the full package.

Bundling (cable and internet bundles) is another method you can save money on cable TV. There are some great deals where you can get all-in-one package: phone service, cable, and internet.

A Variety of Options to Choose From

Cable TV lets you choose from a host of entertainment options. There is only so much you can enjoy as opposed to using the internet. Internet does not let you watch live programs. With cable television, however, you can watch current news and sports.

The Difference Between Cable TV and Streaming

Cable bundles are only ideal for large families or large households where everyone is always watching. Streaming, on the other hand, is awesome. If you use Netflix then you will save you cash. However, if you want to watch say HBO, NFL Sunday Ticket, National Sports, and Local Sports, you are going to spend more because you will have to pay for each of this service.

Internet-based service is ideal for customers who do not share their network with many people and who are not fond of watching TV. While streaming is great, cable TV is more reliable, affordable, and offers many options.

The Best Cable Television Deals Available


DirectTV is one of the best television services in the US. The cable television is available in all the states in America. It also offers Genie HD DVR and 4k programming. These are some of the reasons many customers love the service.


  • Free installation
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Bundling discounts


This yet another commendable service. Verizon is the best option for those who are looking for standalone Fios TV, as the subscription plan is automatic with no cancellation charges.


  • 24 months price lock for bundles
  • Custom TV packages
  • There is no-contract option


For DISH, customer’s monthly rates are locked for the period of the contract. This is great for managing home expenses.


  • Smart HD DVR included
  • 24 months price lock
  • High customer satisfaction rating