How to Find the Top Rated Senior Apartments

When it comes to learning how to find the top rated senior apartments, technology today has made the process easier than ever before. In the past, people would have to ask their inner circle for help, inquiring about senior apartments with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, getting a slightly impartial review that may or may not have given you the answer you were looking for.

Here is how you can utilize the internet to discover how to find the top rated affordable senior apartments:

Checking Facebook Groups

One of the easiest ways to research the senior apartments is heading to Facebook and checking the groups section. Look for a local group from your community, preferably a rants and raves group. Here, you will discover locals helping locals with everything from restaurant reviews to apartments. Not only will you get reviews on several places, you can interact with the locals about their experience and find out which facility truly is the top rated in your community.

Chatting with a Local Realtor

There are a bunch of local realtors in your community that have websites with live chat features. Simply ask about the local apartments and see if they can supply you with some information so you can do your own research rather than taking their word. These are the professionals in your town that have the best information and accessibility to those facilities and will be glad to help. Sometimes this comes with a fee but most of the time owners of properties pay these fees in order to help them rent their units faster.

Apartment Rental Sites

Sometimes senior apartments may seem very expensive, but you want certain amenities like pools, gym, laundry and so much more. So how do you decide which amenities are worth keeping and which one are worth paying? When looking online may senior apartment sites allow you to search by prices, amenities, location and so much more. Sites like, also allow to search by these options as well as by zip code. When searching by zip code or other type of location, you can research other areas as well as prices in order to find the most affordable place with the best amenities.

Searching Rental Review Sites

Your state or city should also have a review site where you can check the rating of all the apartments within a location. Here you will get a good cross-section of how customers felt about their experience in those apartments, as well as some still living there. Sites like can help you see first hand experiences of people who have lived in apartments you are interested in. Yelp also has photos from tenants along with their reviews. Tenant photos are extremely helpful because they seem to be an honest perspective of their experience. Some apartment search sites also have reviews from tenants.

Here is a list of helpful sites to make searching for a senior home, apartment or retirement communities convenient: