Legal Aid Services

Legal trouble is not a thing most people search out. However, it happens for whatever, reason. Families and individuals suffer when they have no legal recourse. Legal aid fills the gap in funding for legal services so; those without adequate financial means can afford access to legal advice and representation.

Finding an attorney with no money, no job, or a low income is difficult to impossible without an outside resource. For many indigent people, Legal Aid is that resource. This public service provides legal assistance funded by the government. The organization has a listing of attorneys that covers a gauntlet of legal services.

If you have questions, look into a legal aid office, and an attorney can assist in getting the answers required on legal matters. Lawyers handle civil and criminal cases. Get representation for these cases, if you are deemed, not financially able to pay for legal services.

Pro Bono Services

A legal service is a place a criminal attorney and civil attorneys might be found for pro bono work on cases for people of low income.

Services Offered

Legal aid offers a wide category of services, bankruptcy, immigration, family lawyer, disability, housing problems, workplace injury, and family law. However, those facing disability cases may have problems finding a Pro Bono attorney since payment is issued only if the lawyer is successful in winning the case.


Legal advice is free at legal aid, even if you obtain a criminal attorney. On average, criminal attorneys are only available for assistance with public benefits cases, domestic violence, family law, or housing problems.

Civil Services

This legal entity is designed to provide legal representation for people with low incomes. If legal aid finds a situation where a person or their children or in danger of domestic violence a part or all of the attorney fees are paid under the "Human Rights Act" by this legal body. However, a criminal attorney my get involved through this group with tenant cases or a serious final appeal involving a case. If a person is proven financially unable to pay legal fees, the court may require the recipient of legal advice to pay a portion, or possibly all of the cost.

This legal group provides a criminal attorney where applicable and civil law legal advice for people unable to afford the cost of an attorney. The financial bar for those eligible for assistance ranges around $23,000 to $40,000 annually, depending upon the size of household. If a person is in need of a protective order for an abusive spouse legal aid is able to help. When legal advice is there for everyone, the system is fairer and accessible to all.

Seniors are able to get Legal advice from legal aid concerning pension plans, or retirement saving plans. If a person needs legal advice, find a legal aid office by searching the national hotline. Everyone is entitled to legal advice no matter his or her financial circumstances. Legal aid makes a provision for those without the means to pay for an attorney.