Facts You Need to Know About Extended Auto Warranties

Taking care of your vehicle properly without a lot of added expense is not always as easy as some people may think. In fact, if you want to make sure that your engine continues to give you the performance that you need, you need to take care of its maintenance needs on a regular basis. Especially, when you need an oil change or any other related care.

Having said this, a huge part of keeping the car running correctly is being a proactive vehicle owner that does not have to put out a lot of extra unplanned money out of pocket. Typically, this may mean getting an extended warranty on your vehicle after it has been purchased. So, before going forward with additional information about why an extended warranty is a good deal for you, you need to know what an extended warranty actually is.


What Is An Extended Auto Warranty?

An extended auto warranty can be called by more than one name, so you need to be aware of what the names are in order to obtain the appropriate type. For instance, if you want to buy an extended auto warranty for your vehicle, you may hear the dealer, or the salesperson refer to it by the names service contract, service agreement, or a maintenance agreement. Simply put, the customer usually knows that the extended auto warranty is a prolonged warranty that is offered to car buyers in addition to the standard warranty on a new or used vehicle. In fact, these prolonged warranties could be offered by the retailer that sales the vehicle, the warranty administrator, or the manufacturer can make the deal. Here are some examples of some top auto warranties available:

Top Car Warranty Coverage

  • Delta Auto - Protect your car's value with a good auto warranty
  • Endurance Auto Warranty - Great for you when you need roadside assistance
  • EasyCare Car Warranty - Recommended for you if you need used vehicle certification
  • MVA Warranty - Look for a good warranty when you need navigation system protection


Why Should A Used Or New Vehicle Buyer Want To Purchase An Extended Warranty For Their Car?

Before a consumer decides to purchase this kind of warranty for their vehicle, there are some things that they may want to know about affordable auto warranty coverages and cheap auto warranties. Because this is an extra expense in addition to the car note, there has to be a reason why these warranties are considered to be important. Typically, the responses to these questions lie in the value of the warranty since a used car warranty can save the owner of the vehicle hundreds to thousands of dollars in car repairs. For instance, if the manufacturer of the new vehicle expires, repairs to the transmission are usually paid out the owner’s pocket. However, if the owner of the vehicle has an extended auto warranty in effect, the cost of the repairs is covered by their policy.