Choosing the Right Office Space

The Main Criteria for Selecting The Right Office Space

A office space for rent in the right place is a reliable foundation for a successful business. In the office, customers make up the first impression of the company, so this issue cannot be neglected.

Choosing the Right Office Space

Ensure all the formalities for registering your own company are settled. Permits obtained, licenses issued. Now you need to look for a suitable office. To choose it correctly means to lay a solid foundation for the successful development of your business because the office is the place by which customers will judge the company.

Proximity and Convenience

To make it convenient for you and your employees, as well as customers, to get to the office, it is important to choose an area that can be reached by various means of transport. If you drive a car it means that it is desirable that there are no traffic jams on the streets closest to the office. The next important point - the presence of nearby parking. The best option, of course, is your own, near the office building, but if one is not provided for, the main thing is that you don’t have to walk a few blocks to it. Since many employees and customers use not only personal transportation but also public transportation, do not forget that the office should be located close to the bus route, taxi or metro station.

Center or Margin?

Offices in the city center are always more expensive. There is a way out if you can find a commercial office space in the basement of a commercial real estate building. By the way, now the basements of many houses are being converted into comfortable premises for business - thanks to modern repairs, which include high-quality insulation of the walls, air conditioning, thus homely rooms can turn into cozy and prestigious offices.

Importance of Space

How large an office should be, depends on the number of future employees, the planned influx of customers and the company's specifics. In any case, however, people feel much more comfortable in a spacious, bright office rental than in cramped closet - like spaces. Indeed, it becomes clear to visitors that a company with a beautiful office is flourishing rather than being interrupted by irregular orders. Remember that one person's sanitary standards should account for an area of 4.5 square meters plus space for passage and equipment.


When choosing an office, pay attention to the external and internal appearance. A shabby building that has not been plastered for a long time, as well as an interior that has not known maintenance for a long time, is not the best option. Such a commercial office space will not only give respectability to your company but also scare away potential customers. However, if you are not afraid of the prospect of a major overhaul, you can bargain and significantly reduce the price: a neglected office space for rent is cheaper.