California Rehab

The state of California has dealt with drug rehab and drug addiction for well over 50 years. Before the present drug addiction trend, health care professionals dealt with alcohol addiction. Major movements highlighting the need for altered experiences from mainstream venues caused an acceleration in creating facilities to handle overdoses and addictions.

What California drug rehab offers became choices in treatment and the type of facility to use. Due to a large arts and entertainment industry with workers in the public eye addicted, the state specializes in luxury rehab for those individuals under contract.

As issues arise, these organizations offer recommendations to legislators to make needed changes in the drug rehab and luxury rehab industry. Because of this network of health professionals responding to changing drug issues, California rehabs remain different from the rest of the nation because of the oversight.


California has several organizations that help drug rehab facilities offer treatments that work. The California Society of Addiction Medicine (CMA) gives advanced training to physicians and health care professionals.

Treatment starts with a recommendation from a physician that a person goes to a California drug rehab or luxury rehab to address their issue. It updates physicians on the latest new concoction of drugs and possible treatments for it. California has worked hard to remove any legal restrictions that caused doctors not to be able to treat patients quickly.

Most drug addicts take illegal drugs classified as controlled substances which due to state laws would cause physicians to become arrested for managing a withdrawal in a hospital. CMA in 1971 authored a bill that changed the law that arrested doctors for treating drug addiction. CMA created certificates and courses which California drug rehab display showing they update.

Recently CMA became named in federal law as the course for physicians treating drug rehab patients to take if they must prescribe buprenorphine. Buprenorphine defines as the medication for the treatment of opioid addiction. Many California rehab has the latest treatment for those patients.

New Law, New Treatment Models

California rehabs have undergone a fundamental revision in its treatment plans to deal with the opioid crises. The original model for treatment became based on the Alcohol Anonymous model which worked well for years. With modern illegal drugs and the opioid crises, a new model became needed.

Licensed rehabs moved to the American Society of Addiction Medicine model. Opioid treatment must have a medically managed opioid treatment to have success whereas the previous model had a significant behavioral component. Unfortunately, opioid addiction becomes so powerful that behavioral management did not work as well, and so medical intervention became needed.

Waiting so long before medical treatment of opioid addiction caused patient’s insurance money to become drained leaving nothing for the eventual required medical treatment. The new law flipped the treatment plans for drug addiction to medical first then put in a behavioral treatment plan to keep the patient from returning to an opioid drug life. California Society of Addiction Medicine agrees.

Moving Forward

California rehab whether just as drug rehab or luxury rehab treatment has become the forefront of modern rehab treatment due to the new laws. Doctors and patients need to check if facilities operate under the new mandates and go there. The success rate has been 60 to 90 percent on some addictions.